8 Karaoke Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Performance

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Karaoke Tips and Tricks
26 Oct

8 Karaoke Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Performance

Everybody has different ways to relax and keep get rid of all the negative vibes. Some smoke cigarettes to release stress, some drink away their problems until they forget, and some sing karaoke. It’s a well-known fact that Filipinos love singing karaoke, whether it’s at home with a Magic Sing, at a bar or lounge, or even on the street while enjoying with neighbors.

But not everybody is a big fan of this activity, if you’re one to shy away from the mic or you’re really not confident about your singing voice then we have the best karaoke tips and tricks you can try at the Windsor Tavern!

1. Relax

If you were caught off guard that the night’s main event was karaoke then take a few deep breaths to calm down. Don’t worry, this isn’t an audition for The Voice Philippines. You’re with good friends and nobody is going to judge how you sound, just join the fun and participate!

2. Go through the song list

Every karaoke has a song list that can range from old hits, OPM, to even the latest tunes heard on the radio. Read through the titles or artist and see what songs you’re familiar with.

3. Pick the perfect song

There’s no harm in picking a song that not everybody knows. If you love the song and have it memorized by heart then go ahead and pick it! Put your twist and make your own rendition of the song because when the mic is yours it’s already your song.

4. Input your choice

Don’t forget to input the song number of your choice. Have it queued in the machine while your confident singer friends belt their hearts out after each Celine Dion song.

5. Have a drink

Don’t get anxious while waiting for your song. Have a drink of beer or sip a cocktail to keep your worries away. If you see the title of your song, take one big gulp or just have a shot for that extra confidence boost to power through!

6. Sing your song

When the time has come for you to hold the mic, shed away all your worries and fears and just open your mouth to sing. The music will soon play and you will be the center of attention. Now don’t panic, follow the tune of the song and sing-along with the words on the screen. Don’t be too self-conscious, everyone is having a fun time.

7. Engage with the crowd

If you’re gaining confidence mid-song and that amazing bridge is about to start, don’t be afraid to interact with your crowd and friends. Look at them, ask them to dance or to sing-along with you, it doesn’t matter just let loose and enjoy! When by any chance your inner diva comes through then copy singers famous moves like pointing to the crowd, hair flips, and some signature dance.

8. Take a bow

After you’ve sung the last note and you’re out of breath, as Rihanna would say, go on and take a bow. You sang your heart out and performed the best rendition of your chosen song so it’s time to thank the crowd for their active participation.

As you leave the mic go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job. You conquered your stage fright and fought through all your worries and anxiety. Congratulations, you just did karaoke! Now how about another song?

If you’re looking for a place to practice your karaoke skills or you just want to show off you performance then go to Windsor Tavern! We have Live Karaoke nights every Friday for everybody to enjoy. Visit us at the 2nd Floor, of the Humana Wellness Center, Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Barangay Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines.

Dominik Banzon
Dominik Banzon

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