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sta rosa summer drinks

Top 10 Perfect Sta. Rosa Summer Drinks

Have you ever found yourself lost in a new restaurant or bar and you have no idea what to do? Worry no more! If you ever find yourself at Humana Wellness Center at Tagaytay Road, here’s a friendly neighborhood guide to the must-try Sta. Rosa...

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7 Specialty Drinks for Happy Hour Sta Rosa Laguna

The term ‘Happy Hour’ is a commonly used marketing term that originated in the USA. It is the period of time where venues, especially well-known bars and restaurants, offer discounts on alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, and cocktails....

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scotch drinks

6 Scotch Drinks You Will Fall Inlove With

This February 6, X-Men’s James Marsden visited Manila for a Scotch-brand’s event. Along with an exclusive invite-only crowd, Marsden whipped up some Scotch drinks for all the guests and based on the photos: the attendees fell inlove. ...

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30 Best Karaoke Songs To Choose

Admit it, everybody loves karaoke! Although we’re not the good singers, with a pilit from friends and maybe some great local drinks you might have the courage to grab the mic!...

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Christmas Ham

5 Recipes to do with Leftover Christmas Ham

The star of the season has really got to be the once a year Christmas ham served in all occasions every December to January. Everybody either buys the smoked ham at specialty shops or receives the pre-cooked and packaged ham care of the company or...

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5 Christmas Feast Menus at Windsor Tavern

Many people are cooking their Christmas feasts for the family – slaving away to shop for ingredients, grill chicken, steam fish, and chop vegetables for cooking. But why stress yourself with cooking for the perfect meal when Windsor Tavern is here to cook the meal...

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Benefits of Curry

6 Health Benefits of Curry

Almost every Filipino has tasted the tasty dish Chicken Curry. A good combination of chicken cooked with curry powder and coconut milk with a mix of carrots and potatoes for vegetables. But did you know that your favorite dish actually has some benefits to it?...

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Food Filipino-Style

First of all, it’s a well-known fact that Filipinos don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But with many Americans migrating to the Philippines and vice versa, some have adopted the tradition and made it their own....

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Easy Basic Steps in Throwing Darts

Easy Basic Steps in Throwing Darts

For example you’re in your regular bar for a casual drink with friends or in a reunion with old classmates and one proposes to use the bar’s facilities to start a game of darts. Everyone agrees and says it will be fun while you sit...

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Must Try British Food

5 Must-Try British Food in Sta. Rosa Laguna

It’s a well-known fact that Filipinos love to eat. To be fair, I think everyone from around the world loves sitting down and enjoying a good meal with family and friends. With openings of new restaurants, establishments, and food bazaars happening around the metro Filipino’s...

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Karaoke Tips and Tricks

8 Karaoke Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Performance

Everybody has different ways to relax and keep get rid of all the negative vibes. Some smoke cigarettes to release stress, some drink away their problems until they forget, and some sing karaoke. It’s a well-known fact that Filipinos love singing karaoke, whether it’s at...

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How to Win at Poker

4 Simple ways on How to Win at Poker

Poker is a popular past time with origins dating back from a thousand years ago. With foreigners bringing the game to our shores, Filipinos have adapted the game with their own rules. Although Pusoy Dos is a more common game to play, nothing beats its...

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