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Beer Can Appreciation Day
23 Jan

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Did you know that January 24 is a historic day for beer lovers and aficionados?

The first beer can was bought on January 24, 1935. According to Got Beer, Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company, in partnership with American Can Company, distributed 2,000 cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale to Richmond, Virginia.

And today, there are about 200 billion aluminum cans (beer and soda cans) consumed yearly worldwide.

But why do we love beer can appreciation day?

That’s because of the many benefits that it provides.

It’s been found that it takes less time for canned beer to cool down than bottled beer. Cold beer is the way to go, after all.

Cans are also air tight, preventing damage to the beer.  It’s been proven that oxygen can leak into bottle under the cap.

And unlike bottled beer, canned beers are permitted in most places.

Moreover, it’s more durable and compact. You can store more beer in the fridge or in a cooler whenever you’re outside. The more beer, the better!

So on this special day for all beer lovers, grab your favorite drink in can and enjoy!


Remalyn Estuesta
Remalyn Estuesta

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