Top 5 Pulutan / Food Best Paired with Beer

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Top 5 Pulutan Food Best Paired with Beer
18 Oct

Top 5 Pulutan / Food Best Paired with Beer

We all want that occasional cold beer and indulge every once in a while. But having a cold one isn’t complete without your favorite food that goes well with your drink. In fact according to Master Beer Sommelier of UK Food and Beer Consultancy Marc Stroobandt, beer is a great match for food due to its complexity of flavors, ability to provide refreshment, and to interact with many food flavors. With that said, we have listed down our top food best paired with beer!

Food best paired with beer

Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a famous Filipino dish that uses a whole pig’s leg which is tenderized and fried. It is one of the favorite pulutan of Filipinos. It’s perfect for sharing and drinking with a big group.


These deep-fried potato slices are a staple in bar menus and goes great with beers that helps cleanse the palate without being able to wash away the saltiness of the fries.


Nachos is great way to start drinking sessions with friends. It’s tasty and filling, plus it ca have plenty of toppings that you and your friends can enjoy!

Buffalo Wings

Deep-fried, crispy chicken wings or buffalo wings, is always a hit with drink drinkers.  It has become a popular combination, particularly with light lagers.

Chicken Tenders

Also known as chicken fingers, is another common snack that is best paired with beer. After all, fried foods area favored food to snack on when drinking with your buddies.

What’s your favorite food to pair up with beer?

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