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guide to playing darts
13 Sep

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Darts

Before, we shared some tips some basic steps in throwing darts. Now, here’s a basic guide to playing darts for beginners so that you can have a fun, enjoyable game. But first…

What is darts?

Darts is an old game but is an engaging and enjoyable game that is still popular even today. It’s a common indoor game that you can find in a lot of bars, pubs, and even at homes. It’s a sport where you throw small arrows called darts at the dartboard.

Darts Equipment

  • Dartboard: the standard dartboard is 18 inches in diameter and has 20 numbered, pie-shaped segments with the bullseye target in the center.
  • Dart: set of 3 darts that either steel-tipped or soft-tipped.
  • Oche: a raised horizontal block (1.5 inches high) that’s 2.37 meters from the dartboard, where players stand behind, although a mark on the ground is okay for a casual game.

Types of Darts Games to Play

The following are the different types of games in darts that you can play:

’01 Games

This is the most basic game in darts, either playing 501 (played by most professional matches) or 301. Players each start with a score of 501 or 301 and take turns to throw 3 darts. The goal is to reduce the score by deducting the score they earn each turn.

Bullseye amount to 50, the outer ring is 25, and a dart thrown in the double or treble ring counts for double or treble the segment score.

The catch is that the last dart thrown in the last turn have to land in the double or bullseye. Now, if it the score goes to 1 or below 0, the player’s turn is ended and is returned to its previous score. For example, if the score is 29 but the score goes below zero, the player’s score is returned to 29 again.


This can be played by two players or two teams where they aim to score certain or close to the numbers on the board and get the highest point score.

Around the Clock

This is a fun and popular game where each player throw 3 darts in each of their turn. Players have to throw the dart following the sequence from 1 up to 20 and finish with 25 and bullseye. They cannot proceed to the next number until they throw the dart at the current number value. The first player to hit all value in sequence and finish with a bullseye is the winner.

There are also other dart games such as killer, shanghai, baseball, legs, English cricket, and 51 by 5’s.

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