6 Halloween Drinks and Cocktails You Can Enjoy

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6 Halloween Drinks and Cocktails to Enjoy
1 Nov

6 Halloween Drinks and Cocktails You Can Enjoy

With Halloween just around the corner, have you thought about what you’re going to do for the scariest holiday of the year? Sure there are tons of things to do. Have a horror movie marathon, dress up in Halloween costumes, carve a jack-o-lantern. But! Halloween is also about having fun, not just us getting scared out of our wits (though it is a major trend during this holiday).

So why not go out and have fun? Attend a party, but most of all, get your drink on! Celebrate the spooky holiday by savoring Halloween drinks.

Top Halloween Drinks to Try

Jekyll & Gin Glowing Cocktails

This glowing cocktail recipe from Delish consists of gin, lemon juice, tonic water, grenadine, and ice!

Blood Peach Bellini

Pretend you’re drinking blood with this bloody drink! Originally made with summer blood peaches, this drink is made grenadine, white peach puree, Prosecco, and Campari.

Poison Apple Cocktail

Want a glittery drink? Then this is the one for you! Created with apple cider, Fireball whisky, grenadine, cranberry juice, and edible gold glitter, you’ll be the fanciest drinker ever.

Black Devil Martini

The combination of dark rum, dry vermouth, and black olive garnish results in a midnight hue colored drink that’s perfect for Halloween.

Cotton Candy Shots

This funky Halloween drink is made up of vodka and tonic water that’s topped with cotton candy will add an enjoyable difference from your usual drinks.

The Witch’s Heart

This dreamy and mystical Halloween drink is the perfect one for you if you’ll be going as a witch this Halloween! You can make this drink using apple brandy or apple vodka, grenadine and blackberry shimmery liqueur. You can add powdered dry ice for that magical and whimsical appearance.

And there are still a variety of Halloween drinks that you can enjoy this holiday. So go out and enjoy Halloween!

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