How to Enjoy Gentlemen’s Night at Windsor Tavern

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how to enjoy gentlemen's night
5 Jun

How to Enjoy Gentlemen’s Night at Windsor Tavern

Sometimes, the guys just want to sit back and hang out with a couple of their best mates, knocking back some beer and watch or play sports at a bar. And at Windsor Tavern and Sports Bar, we have plenty of choices for you on how to enjoy gentlemen’s night every Tuesday at Windsor Tavern!

What to do:

Spend time with live karaoke

Do you have a go-to song when spending gentlemen’s night with the guys? But what’s best is that you don’t have to pay for it! Spending gentlemen’s night at Windsor, you will get a complimentary karaoke!

Have a friendly poker match with the gents

Why not challenge the guys with a game of poker and test your bluffing skills and poker face with your best mates?

…Or sport it up with the guys!

One other way of how to enjoy gentlemen’s night is to play a couple of match with either a match of billiards, darts, and table tennis!

What to eat:

Beef Salpicao

This meaty and creamy dish will delight your taste buds with exploding flavors! Consisting of well-marinated beef slowly cooked until soft and tender.

Buffalo Wings

Deep-fried chicken wings until its skin achieves that extra crispy crunch paired with any type of savory sauce of your picking.

Or if these aren’t for your palate, you can try out the various dishes that Windsor Tavern offers! From classic British and Filipino food, you’ll surely find the food that’s up to your taste!

What to drink:

Bucket Drinks

Crack open a bottle of our served buckets drinks to enjoy the night! Have your pick of San Miguel bucket, Red Horse, SMB Apple or Lemon Beer, and Pale Pilsen drinks with friends.

Solo Drinks

Choose from San Miguel Light, Tanduay, Heineken, Corona, and more for a relaxing, good time.

PLUS, you get FREE draft beer every hour.  What a great way on how to enjoy gentlemen’s night! So what are you waiting for? Hang out with the guys in Sta. Rosa Laguna at the 2nd floor of Humana Wellness Center, Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Barangay Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

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