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Pinoy Food Favorites
10 Jul

Top 5 Pinoy Food Favorites to Try

Food has always been an integral part of our lives. It’s always a part of a get together, reunion, and more. It’s a way to build our relationships, particularly when it comes to us Filipinos. And with such a rich cuisine and influence, there are tons of Pinoy food favorites out there.

At Windsor Tavern, we provide local dishes that is widely popular to Filipinos as an English Filipino bar and restaurant. Take a look at our Top 5 Pinoy Food favorites below:

Tokwa at Baboy

A classic Pinoy favorite of boiled pork and fried tofu mixed with vinegar and soy sauce to give life and taste to the dish. It’s versatile as it can be eaten during lunch or even at late-night gatherings.

Crispy Pata

A famous Filipino dish that uses a whole pig’s legs and is tenderized by simmering in water with other flavorful spices. After which it’s deep-fried into perfection.

Pancit Canton

Made from low-calories noodles, this dish is a Filipino staple during celebrations for long life and prosperity. Cooked with a healthy mix of vegetables, chicken, pork, and shrimp for all kinds of hearty goodness.

Lechon Kawali

Made from lechon baboy, the pork is cooked and simmered in lechon sauce and vinegar for the thick sauce to cover up the meat. The meal is savory, perfect to pair with a steaming, hot rice.

Chicken Adobo

A famous Pinoy dish known worldwide for its exotic taste! Chicken cooked in soy sauce and vinegar, with garlic and pepper to season. All of these ingredients are slow-cooked until tender.

You can try out all these Pinoy food favorites at Windsor Tavern. Just visit us at 2nd Floor, Humana Wellness Center, Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Barangay Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. You can also call us at (049) 508 1704.

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